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The Scope of Personal Injury Law

Personal injuries are physical harms caused by the acts of another. Personal injury is a specific type of tort. Bringing forward a personal injury case is a civil action within which a private individual seeks compensation for the harm caused by the acts of the accused party. It is important to remember that a proper claim of personal injury must allege actual injury to one’s person, which could include broken bones or other injuries, and not simply damage/injury to the personal property and valuables of another.

Personal injuries can take an almost infinite variety of forms depending on the circumstances and contexts within which an injury arises. Some of the typical types of personal injuries that can occur include:

Personal injury suits commonly hinge on the negligence doctrine, with the injured party claiming that they suffered harm/injury as the result of the accused failing to act responsibly and not fulfilling his/her duty of care. As a result, in order to prove negligence it must be established by the victim that a reasonably prudent individual in the same situation as the accused would have acted differently under similar circumstances.

A personal injury case can also be brought under the intentional wrong doctrine, which alleges that the injury was caused by the deliberate act of another. In such cases, punitive damages, in addition traditional damages, can also be granted.

Personal injury cases can also be based on the strict liability doctrine, which holds a party liable for an injury regardless of whether they intended to or negligently caused the harm. Once the grounds for a personal injury claim have been established, the victim must then show that actual physical, mental or emotional harm was suffered.

Meeting the burdens of proof and navigating the legal process in a car accident, personal injury or workers’ compensation case can be difficult, which is why it’s critical to seek the assistance of experienced injury attorneys. Our lawyers are here to evaluate the details of your case and to pursue justice where it is needed.

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